Gladiatus bot support fill-out form here. Please fill out the questionnaire about any questions or bugs you may have while using the Gladiatus bot.
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E-maildadres : The adres you login with
Password : The password you login with
Use last played : automatically picks the last account you played without interruption
Fully manually login : breaks the loop after we’ve logged in. Once you’ve chosen an account, give back the control through the browser inspect function.
Details on how to do the manually login are found here:

Do Circus Prov : Yes, performs Circus Prov | No, skips Circus Prov.
Wait how many MS for the Circus result: adjust to your internet speed.
Do Arena : Yes, performs Arena | No, skips Arena.
Wait how many MS for the Arena result: adjust to your internet speed.

Do Raid : Yes, performs raid, No skips raid (please note that it’ll do the raid you last did yourself).
Do Advanced Raid : Starts advanced raid, make sure this is available if put to yes.
kill the boss when it appears : Kills the boss when it appears, do not put cancel and kill both to yes.
Cancel the raid when the boss appears : Cancels the raid when the boss appears, do not put Kill and cancel both to yes.

Do Expedition : Yes, performs expedition, No skips the expedition.
Expedition : 1,2,3,4, picks the mob from left to raid 1,2,3,4. Please note that it hits the country you manually did yourself (in your own browser).

Run Pantheon : Yes, performs pantheon | No, skips pantheon
Accept quests: Accepts the quests that are put to Yes | No, skips them.

Working settings | Yes, runs the work function | No, skips the work function.
Work when we do not have 0 Quest and 0 Raid points | Yes, Runs this option every run.
Work how many hours | 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 | Selects this option in the game and starts works.
How long does it take till Work is finished | The bot will continue after This countdown is done. Please note that it cannot continue if you’ve still got cooldown on work. So see how much time you see ingame and adjust this setting.

Do training | Yes, performs training | No, skips training.
Train attribute | Selects the attribute you wish to train, trains it when we have enough cash.

Use food function | Uses the food with mouse and drags it to your char, if set to yes.
set food below x HP | below a certain % value we’ll perform the healing function.
Tab whre food is stored in | Select the tab you have your food in.
Second tab whre food is stored in | runs that tab when the first tab is empty.

Play sound when HP drops below 10% | comes in handy when you do not have enough food.
Donate all your cash to the guild bank | Donates your guild to the guild bank every run. (good when farming multiple accounts to increase guild).

Sleep between loops in MS : How many time it will wait in milliseconds before it runs the entire loop again.
Sleep when a time-out occurse on Gladiatus : How many time it will wait before we refresh and see if the page is back-up (suggested to give atleast a minute).
Function time-out setting : Waits X millisecond till the bot continues (moves on if the function isn’t found in that time-frame), do not set too fast.
Page-load time-out setting : Waits X millisecond when a page is loaded. If this is set too fast the bot will not operate.

Relogin : Yes, relogin when we notice we’re logged out. This can take some time if we’re in the middle of a function | No, does not relogin.`
Sleep before we relogin in MS : When we’ve detected waits X millisecond before we relogin.

Yes, checks the auction house for purple items. If on that item is not a bid by you, it bids on it. Please note this option is buggy. Sometimes it’ll bid on green items.

Run amulet purchasing: Yes, runs the amulet purchasing function | No, does not execute this function.
Only buy amulet when we have X amount of gold | Does not execute when we have less then X money on hand.
Placeholder name of Amulet | Please input the name of your language (that your normally select Amulet with).

Run melter: Yes, runs the metler function | No, does not execute this function
Tab number where items are in | Selects the tab and runs all items to melt. Once done they’ll be claimed.

Automatically is logged in while not logged in elsewhere.

Gladiatus bot support page