Gladiatus bot

Accounts and download link may take upto 12 hours before they’re delivered.
Please keep note that not all functions will work when you’re not level 10+


– Expedition
– Raid (including advanced raid)
– Arena
– Circus
– Train the stat you want to
– Randomized waiting time to avoid detection
– Healing/eating food when below a certain % HP
– Collects your daily login bouns
– When HP is below a certain % setup to not do expedition or Arena
– Checks current raid/expedition points
– Custom waiting time (Fill-out how long you’ll want the bot to wait)
– Option to play a sound when HP drops below 10%
– When failed to login waits and plays a sound
– Option to donate all your gold to the guild every run


– Runs on every server
– Runs on every province

Payment plans for gladiatus bot







Every 2 months

1 account per license

Every 6 months

1 account per license


1 account per license

Other payment methods

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The download link and bot will be sent within 12 hours of your purchase to the emailadres we have on file.