Gladiatus bot

Accounts and download link are automatically delivered. Sometmes it may take upto 12 hours. (tip: check spam folder)


13 days acces
  • 1 machine


360 days acces
  • 1 machine


101 year acces
  • 1 machine

The Super gives your license +1 extra devices.


– Expedition
– Raid (including advanced raid)
– Arena
– Circus
– Train the stat you want to
– Randomized waiting time to avoid detection
– Healing/eating food when below a certain % HP
– Collects your daily login bouns
– When HP is below a certain % setup to not do expedition or Arena
– Checks current raid/expedition points
– Custom waiting time (Fill-out how long you’ll want the bot to wait)
– Option to play a sound when HP drops below 10%
– When failed to login waits and plays a sound
– Option to donate all your gold to the guild every run
– Option to run all the charachters on the account.


– Works worldwide!

Intergrated scheaduler
Keep it running 24/7 with automatic breaks!

Payment providers