Gladiatus bot automatic plays

Gladiatus bot - Paid version

Glsdiatus bot try a free version with less capability and possible :
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Last updated: 9th of september 2018.



– Expedition
– Raid (advanced raid)
– Arena
– Circus
– Train the stat you want to
– Runs on every server
– Runs on every province
– Randomized waiting time
– Healing when below X% 

– Choice to run features
– Collects your daily login bouns
– When HP is below X% doesn’t do expedition or Arena
– Checks current raid/expedition points
– Custom waiting time (Fill-out how long you’ll want the bot to wait)
– Option to play a sound when HP drops below 10%
– When failed to login waits and plays a sound
– Option to donate all your gold to the guild every run


What it contains:

Bronze version

Silver version

Gold version




2 months acces
1 account

6 Months acces
1 account

Lifetime acces
1 account

Duo life time pack
Lifetime acces
2 accounts

Ultimate life time pack
Lifetime acces
5 accounts

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