We introduce you the WCP – The Whatsapp Crypto Poster. The tool Whatsapp cryptocurrency auto poster posts the current value of the specified Cryptocurrency Automatically. It grabs the current values from Coinmarketcap and posts them into the pre-specified whats-app group. You simply set the details on the application and hit “run”. Once its running you’ll have to scan a QR-code with your phone to login Whatsapp. It’ll then find your group and it’ll post the values. It will loop untill its cancelled (the delay settings can be set but Coinmarketcap only refreshes every 5 minutes)

Buy the Whatsapp cryptocurrency auto poster

Automatic whatsapp Coinmarketcap poster packages:




pick any 2 coins
pick any 5 coins
pick any 10 coins
Priority support

Price per year

The download link, username and password will be sent within 12 hours after purchase.

Tips and Tricks

  • Put the sound of “worker” in the sound mixer to 0. Now you won’t hear any Whatsapp dongs.

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